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1. What do we fund? Please review our Grants page and review the Eligibility & Requirements.

2. How to Apply? Please review our Grants page and review the Eligibility & Requirements. After completing the Screening Form, the Foundation will contact you indicating whether you should formally apply.


3. What do you look for in a grant request? Strong alignment with Our Values. 


4. Do you fund grants outside of Colorado?  Yes.

5. Do you fund national grants? Yes. But the Foundation has a strong preference for regional grant recipients. 

6. Do you provide grants to for-profit businesses?  The Foundation may support qualifying organizations beyond non-profit businesses.

7. What is your average grant size? Variable. 

8. How long are your grant terms? Variable.

9. How do I apply? Submit a Screening Form. If your organization is deemed to be a good fit, you will be asked to complete the Grant Application Submission Form. Upon its receipt, the Foundation will provide further instructions. 

10. How can I tell if my Grant Application Submission Form has been submitted and received by the W.W. Reynolds Foundation?  When will I be notified whether my application has been accepted or declined? You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission of your application. We aim to provide a response as soon as is practical.

W.W. Reynolds Foundation

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